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Slice of History

Pittsburgh Born & Bread

Scrumptiousness… from Scratch

From its barebones opening, in 1979, as the French Oven Bakery… [now called] BreadWorkS, Dave MacKenzie, Don Walsh, Fred Hartman and Dave Thomas have worked tirelessly to fulfill one promise with every roll, ring and loaf that leaves their ovens—great tasting bread.

With that commitment and a few crumbs—just two accounts over 35 years ago—BreadWorkS has blossomed into western Pennsylvania’s premier bread-makers, servicing hundreds of wholesale clients… and countless individuals who line-up daily at our bakery store.

While true, many pastry shops and chain bakeries dabble in bread dough, we rise higher than all of them for one reason that has fermented ferociously since the day we opened our doors: breads—some exotic, many traditional, others originating solely from our notorious knack to fashion edible magic from flour, water, yeast and salt—are all that we do.

Inspired by old-world ideals and traditions, but crafted right in your backyard with hand-made care and the latest baking innovations, our “rustics and rolls” are known and enjoyed by the thousands every day.

All acclaim aside… from our heart, to oven hearth, to your home, you have our word—unsurpassed freshness, quality and the best tasting bread you’ll ever bite.

Awards & Accolades

  • American Culinary Federation
    Tri-State Purveyor of the Year
  • American Culinary Federation Pittsburgh Chapter
    Purveyor of the Year, President Award
  • American Culinary Federation Pittsburgh Chapter
    President Award
  • Greater Pittsburgh Hotel Association
    Service Award for Untiring Devotion and Dedication
  • Northside Development Fund
    Northside Impact Business of the Year
  • Northside North Shore Chamber of Commerce
    Medium Corporation Service Champion
  • Pennsylvania Restaurant Association Western Chapter
    Associate Member of the Year