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From our Bakery to Your Business…Often Before Breakfast Begins!

We make the dough, so you can too… BreadWorks takes pride in helping our business customers profit from the products we make. We value every wholesale order placed… not just for the boost to our business, but for the prosperous push it bakes into your bottom line.

Quality, perfection, consistency… the core attributes at the very heart of our mission and the principles of our performance—to standout always as breadmakers extraordinnaire.

Our everday promise: uncomparable breads in savory assortments—trucked to you fresh, daily and typically before the sun awakens the day!

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Artisan Quality for Nearly Four Decades!

Your customers deserve daily bread done with “old world” distinction…

From our rustics and rolls, to our signature focaccias, ciabattas, specialty/display breads and more… for nearly 40 years, BreadWorks has been western Pennsylvania’s finest bread baker—for good reason.

  • Only premium ingredients… combining “from the earth only” mixtures with our proprietary fermentation processes to ingrain in our breads an unmatched wholesomeness that exudes freshness, irresistable aromas and flavors
  • A mastered uniqueness… delectable doughs formulated by bakers obsessed with excellence and creating the extraordinary—the individual tastes and textures of our breads are a testament to their passion to blend flour, salt and water into a mouth-watering explosion of goodness.
  • The “art” of artisan baking… taking baking customs honed over centuries and continually refining what it means to “craft” bread, our bakers are relentless in their pursuit to improve, invigorate and innovate—all to inspire the next generation of greatness
  • Quality above all else… the desire, determination and drive to produce every roll and ring, every loaf and slice impeccably superior every day, no matter the volume. It’s the singular most important tenet of our company culture and craftsmanship.
  • Unsurpassed service… supportive, unselfish and trusting relationships have been the hallmarks of our growth and the fortitude behind 40-years of remarkable industry history. Service—acute attention to every operational and customer detail—is the uncompromising element of performance we demand and deliver daily.

No Loafing Around!

Place an order by the afternoon, have it the next day… Your business moves fast, so do we. Like the way we craft our breads—no preservatives, nothing artifical—our delivery to you is a pure and simple recipe of commitment: order by the afternoon and we’ll have it there tomorrow. Period.

No upcharge, surcharge, overcharge…just the most important charge from you: to perform without fail so together we can all “roll in the dough.”

Nourishing Goodness With Every Slice!

Since 1979, we’ve aspired to produce the finest breads anywhere. The result: an undeniable reputation as the tri-state’s top bread bakery. Driven by an unfettered fervor for flavor and fueled by the “old-world traditions” that for centuries have defined the art and craft of superior bread baking, BreadWorks continues to advance the techniques and individual qualities that make its breads hearty, robust and healthy.

We’re Pittsburgh proud for sure, but know that our roads to refinement have taken us all over the world—France, Germany, Mexico, Canada—to study, improve and enhance the intricacies for producing the world’s most staple food.

“We use unbleached flour, milled to our exact specifications, to perfectly make over 60 varieties of breads and rolls with no preservatives and 0 grams trans-fat.”

After 40 years, we can confidently and vigorously say: other than flour, salt, water and yeast…nothing except energy, experience and a will-to-satisfy goes into our breads.