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Fred Hartman Sales and Distribution/Partner

Fred Harman is in charge of sales and distribution of bread at breadworks

Fred is the “unofficial” face of BREADWORKS. Known to many prominent Pittsburghers (and all of our customers), he was born and raised in the Pittsburgh community of Brookline, and currently lives in Scott Township. He is the father of three wonderful children…Dalles, Sheena, and Ben (who is named after Fred’s father, one of the founding members of BREADWORKS). Fred started working with the French Oven Bakery in 1980, while he was a junior at Seton LaSalle High School in Pittsburgh’s South Hills. At that time he made deliveries to our 13 original customers. By the summer of 1981, business had picked up and there were two delivery routes. Fred handled one of them in his very fashionable blue AMC Pacer. He went from his job as a delivery driver to running our Packing Department, and then he moved into his current position, handling our sales and distribution. Along with numerous other duties, Fred runs our Customer Committee. This committee attends the membership meetings of all of the food industry organizations BREADWORKS belongs to, and also works with the charities BREADWORKS supports, daily, weekly, and monthly…throughout the year.