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BreadWorks at The Yard, Sally Wiggin at BreadWorks


The Yard currently has three locations in the ‘Burgh, and they are planning on opening another location this coming March…Their fourth and largest location, at the top of the Galleria Mall, in Mt. Lebanon, 1500 Washington Road. They specialize in Comfort Food, with their main concept being Grilled Cheese. Their “Specialty Grilled Cheeses,” are all served on our Texas Toast. The Smack Yo Mama made with beer cheese, cheddar cheese, onion rings, sweet and tangy barbecue and pulled chicken, is a house favorite. They also use our Brioche Bun for their Burgers…such as the Mike Byson Burger, which is Grass Fed Bison Blend, Cajun Seasoned, with Gorgonzola, Roasted Red pepper mayo, and topped with all the fixings. The Grilled Yard Walker, which is served on our Mini Croc (Mini- Ciabatta), is a Chargrilled Chicken Breast, with thick cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, Cheddar, Garlic Aioli, and topped with all the fixings. The unique ways they present a home classic…Grilled Cheese Sandwiches… has made a lot of the ‘Burghs culinary enthusiasts take note. Best wishes and continued success to The Yard for producing such a high quality product that keeps us coming back”. (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ONLINE… 12/14/16)

SALLY WIGGIN VISITS BREADWORKS …Fred Hartman, Vice President On October 18th, TV News celebrity Sally Wiggin and her film crew came to our bakery to film our Bakery in operation. She had called earlier in the month to set up the appointment and at that time she explained that she was doing a segment for “Chronicle”, a 1-hour feature on WTAE, in which reporters go around the city reporting on local businesses. The subject was “Bakeries of the Burg”. While here she interviewed many of our Employees, including our Store staff who were filmed selling bread in our Store. She toured the whole bakery taking action shoots of our Employees and our operation. When the program aired two of our main Employees, Kip Humphrey (Baking Supervisor) and Ted Parker (Baker) were featured on the program. She followed the process of the dough being mixed and then being formed into bread shapes. She also featured our 23 year old Sourdough and spoke of our longevity in the Pittsburgh, mentioning our 37 years in the city. The show aired December 21st on WTAE and it is just one of the “Chronicle” series reports that she did in 2016. They have been re-airing the program, but you can also go On Demand to view it.

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