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Breadworks Spotlight

BreadWorks Neighborhood Spotlight: Millvale


While visiting my aunt in Lawrenceville last week I decided to venture into Millvale to get a bite to eat. Wow! Millvale has changed with so many restaurants there. There are the ones still there when I younger and lived across the river. Like, Grant’s Bar, Demore’s PizEa, Monte Cello’s, Frank’s Pizza, Silvioni’s, and Rico’s.. Now, there some new establishments, Pamela’s and Deli on North on North Ave., Strange Roots (E. Ohio St.) Sidelines Bar & Grill on Evergreen, Tupelo Honey Teas (great variety of teas) on Grant Ave. and Sprezzatura on E. Sherman St. They all serve Breadworks bread. I had a hard time choosing! I am not going to reveal my choice, because you just need to stop in and try a few yourself when in the neighborhood.

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