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The History Of Buccelatto


Our Buccelatto is a traditional Italian Easter Bread made with sweet dough, whole anise seed and California raisins. It has an egg-wash finish. This Italian bread symbolizes good luck. The anise seed is said to promote fertility in women, while the raisins symbolize luck. The bread is shaped in a circle or crown, representing honor and glory. This bread was a favorite among the Ancient Roman Army, and it is said that some of the loaves they made were as large as a wagon wheel!

During the Lenten season, eating all animal products (eggs, milk, butter, cheese, red meat, poultry, etc.) was strictly forbidden. When Easter Sunday arrived, the table was set with all these rich foods. The breads of Easter, wKch are rich in butter, eggs and cream, symbolized the spring season…giving rebirth and renewal to all. The outer sheen of the egg wash is also said to be symbolic of light. HAPPY EASTER AND SPRING TO EVERYONE!

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