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Breadworks Spotlight

BreadWorks Spotlight: Maiku Sushi and Pho in the Strip District


If you are in the strip district and hungry, there is a quaint Vietnamese restaurant by the name of Maiku Sushi and Pho. They are located on Penn Avenue by the 16th Street Bridge. They have a variety of different Vietnamese soups, sushi and meals that are very appetizing. I found myself venturing to this particular restaurant for one reason… to try the B nh m ! B nh m means hoagie in Vietnamese. They have many options for your B nh m . You can get it with pate ham, head cheese, grilled pork, Tofu lemongrass, and pork meatballs. They are all served on our 9″ baguettes. I tried the grilled chicken B nh m . It came with pickled carrots, radish, cucumber, cilantro and jalapeno peppers, making me skeptical. But, after one bite I was hooked! If you are in the strip and want to try something different give Maiku a try and let them know I sent you.

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