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BreadWorks Store News for May


BREADWORKS would like to welcome back Wanda Hiles and Larry Finizio. Wanda has returned back to the retail side of our Store and Larry has returned back to the Supervisor position. Both are ready to help you with your bread needs. Please give them a big welcome back! We hope you enjoyed our Buccelatto and Sweet Egg Bread for your Easter Holiday.

Our next Special Bread will be our Chocolate Babka Bread for Mother’s Day…Sunday, May 13th. It is a “must try” if you have not yet had the pleasure. Our Chocolate Babka Bread is made with sweet dough and has chunks of chocolate throughout. It will only be available on Sunday, May 13th, and orders must be placed by 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 12th. Placing an Advance Order is always encouraged…and it is especially important on days when we make our Special Breads for Special Days. We will have a limited amount available for those who forget to place an advance order. Our Chocolate Babka Bread is $6.95 each.

Spring is finally here and the warm weather is just around the corner. This means most of us will be lighting up our grills for family and friend get-togethers and other outdoor events. With that in mind, remember that Memorial Day is coming up and we have every type of Bread and Roll that you will need (Italian Rolls for Hot Sausage, Gourmet Hot Dog Buns, and many types of Kaiser Rolls for Hamburgers and Pulled Pork) for your event. Our staff will be happy to assist you with any Bread questions. Remember to order your Memorial Day bread for Sunday, May 27th, since our Store will be closed on Memorial Day (Monday, May 28th.)

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