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Presenting… National Bakery Day


I just read a John Unrein article in the June issue of Bake magazine. In it, Mr. Unrein tells us that Thursday, September 28th, 2017 is being declared the first ever National Bakery Day. In the article, Paul Sapienza, of Sapienza Bakery and also the director of finance for the RBA (Retail Bakers of America) states: “We are very excited and this is long overdue! I was wondering why there wasn’t already one.” We will be celebrating National Bakery Day by giving out BREADWORKS t-shirts, hats, and clips, all day. On top of that, some of our lucky Store Customers will win gift certificates to our Store, unique decorative Bread baskets, and even a grand prize of a Bread, cheese, and wine, night tour of BREADWORKS. We will also be rolling back the price of one of the first products we ever made…our Baguette; which cost $.60 when we started this journey in 1979!

We will collect entries…name and phone number… in our Store from August 1st until September 27th. On Thursday, September 28th, National Bakery Day, we will start the special drawings at 8:00 am and draw a winner every 2 hours until we close at 6:00 pm. (You need not be present to win.) The 6:00 pm winner will receive a “Behind the Scenes”, 10 person night tour of BREADWORKS. The tour includes cheeses and dipping oils (from our friends at Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. in the Strip District), which will of course be paired with BREADWORKS’ delicious Bread. We will also sip wine, coffee, and or water, as we discuss, what else, Bread. Come on in on September 28th and recognize the Baking Industry that BREADWORKS has been a proud member of for the last 38 years! We’ll see you in our Store for fun, prizes and most of all “Great Bread”.

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