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The Creation Of The Sandwich


The Creation of the “Sandwich” goes back to the 1700’s, but there are many conflicting reasons on “Why” it was created. However, the most common and most agreed upon reason goes back to 1729. While some say the first “Sandwich” was consumed during long nights of card playing, others say it was created and consumed to sit very long periods of time at a work desk. Either reason ‘Why” makes sense, but all agree that John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, was the creator of it! Born November 13, 1718, he was a British statesman who succeeded his grandfather Edward Montagu, the 3rd Earl of Sandwich in 1729, at the age of ten. During his life, he held various military and political offices, including Postmaster General, First Lord of the Admiralty, Secretary of State for the Northern Department, but is perhaps best known for the claim that he was the eponymous inventor of the “SANDWICH”. Eponym is a person, place, or thing for whom or for which something is named, or, believed to be named.

The modern sandwich is named after Lord Sandwich, but the exact circumstances of its invention and original use are still the subject of debate. A rumor in a contemporaneous travel book called Tour to London by Pierre-Jean Grosley formed the popular myth that bread and meat sustained Lord Sandwich at the gambling table. Lord Sandwich was a very conversant gambler, the story goes, and he did not take the time to have a meal during his long hours playing at the card table. Consequently, he would ask his servants to bring him slices of meat between two slices of bread, a habit well known among his gambling friends. Other people, according to this account, began to order “the same as Sandwich!”, and thus the “sandwich” was born. The sober alternative to this account is provided by Sandwich’s biographer N. A. M. Rodger, who suggests that Sandwich’s commitments to the navy, to politics, and to the arts mean that the first sandwich was more likely to have been consumed at his work desk.

The original sandwich was a piece of salt beef between two slices of toasted bread.

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