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The History of Ciabatta


Ciabatta is an Italian bread that was first produced back in 1982 by Arnaldo Cavallari. Cavallari was a miller and baker near Venice. During this time the French Baguettes were very popular and bakeries wanted to develop a product that would be able to compete with a baguette. Cavallari did lots of testing and came up with the perfect recipe for the Ciabatta. This loaf of bread got its name because of its shape. Ciabatta translates to slipper. This loaf of bread is the perfect sandwich bread—it is even great to use with dipping oils! There are many BreadWorkS customers that buy our Ciabatta and use in their restaurants. Our retail customers love it as well! We can’t seem to keep them on the shelf. If you have never tried our Ciabatta make sure to pick one up next time you’re in the store!

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