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Tips for Keeping BreadWorks Bread Fresh


Since our breads DO NOT CONTAIN ANY PRESERVATIVES, we always recommend eating them the same day, while freezing any extra. Here are some tips for keeping bread successfully: Freeze the bread while it is as fresh as possible. Bread that goes in the freezer old will come out old. If freezing any longer than a day, it is best to put the bread into a plastic bag. We sell our freezer bags in the store for 5 cents a bag! Slicing down a whole loaf at a time and freezing it is great. This way, you can pull out as many slices as you need at a time and leave the rest frozen. Thaw bread at room temperature, out of the plastic bag. Bread thawed in a bag retains moisture built up through condensation and becomes soggy. For extra crispness, pop the bread in a 400 degree oven for a few minutes until crispy. Never refrigerate bread; that range of temperature will speed up the staling process.

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